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I also have used Palm OS more so than Windows Mobile. I currently own a UX50 (clamshell-keyboard device) and Palm has yet to release a device that is a clamshell-keyboard device. The Treo 650 is a very crapped keyboard device, which I dislike. The HTC Universal being Windows Mobile might possibly be my next device. I currently an a usual visitor at and when I discuss the Universal, there is much opposition to it because its a WM device but they don't say that, they refer to its size instead. The HTC Universal is probably the best device ever created in that it has a widescreen and keyboard and a phone. I will not stop using my UX but I might eventually sell it to to the price of a HTC Universal. Great podcast. :)

Seattle Seo

Glad to hear that good news. New versions and features. I will search more and know more about optix. Anyway thanks for sharing this. Hope to hear a lot of your new good news from this post.

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