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Sure, investing in an alarm monitoring company costs money but it is worth it.

alex montgomery



How does the police shooting an unarmed, random man in the Tube protect you? Ferreting out terrorist cells, like the ones caught last Friday, is the job of the police. Intelligence, investigation, and appropriate force when they have the right target are their job. Shooting the wrong person threatens us 1: by targeting random people for killing (obviously); 2: by destroying our trust in the police; 3: by reinforcing the image of unaccountable violence against civilians by the government.

Terrorism is not just killing civilians. If terrorists could spread fear by jumping off bridges, they'd be recruiting as many fools to do that as possible. When fighting terrorism, we have to both protect from the attack itself, and refrain from fanning the flames of fear. Terrorists are attacking a society by using its weaknesses against it. Our greatest weakness is our media's unchecked echo chambers, which send billions chattering in fear within minutes of hearing a scary news report. When we cooperate with the fear, when we increase the fear by our response, we are working for the terrorists. So it is even more important that we not serve their asymmetric attack advantage than it even is to protect those people who might be killed. And the only way to react without fear is to react with intelligence, information and a sense of proportion. Otherwise, we're helpless vassals of those pulling the terror strings.

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