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Having different favors for men and women can be a good way to go if you can't decide.


Hi Shaun, come visit San Francisco. We're friendly and our city is fantastic (:. I agree with you about the obesity problem in the US. My children are the *only* kids we know who have never been to the fast food places. Most of their little pals eat at McDonalds at least twice a week. Yech.


I never thought of the whole tourist angle in this. I agree about Boston- I found most of the shop assistants out there very rude but I guess it was more a stern manner than anything else.

Rightly or wrongly I still love the whole Disney thing:)


One consistent aspect of all the places you visited were that they all have quite a few tourists, both domestic and international. understandable of course, since you went as a tourist.

That's why when I travel to the Europe, I like to spend as much time as possible in places with somewhat fewer tourists.

One common thread, both here in the US and most places I've been in Europe, including the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic, is the differences of people in the North and those in the South; then again in cities and more rural areas.

In the US, people in the South are generally more amiable and laid back. They are also fat and George W. Bush's main base.

In bustling cities, especially New York and to a lesser extent Boston, you'll find people are busier, pushier and are less interested in engaging you. They are also in better physical shape and better looking. Not unlike London, Paris, Rome or any other big city, I suppose.

I find Florida generally very depressing, having lived there as a kid for a couple of years, and watched older generations move there after retirement, presumably to die.

George Torres

eh hem - someone from immigration just read your blog notes.


This was a great review of your trip, even though it wandered a little.

As an American, I can't agree more that fat people are not diseased. But, I must say this:

One thing I've learned recently is that each one of us does what we're taught. We are taught by our parents. In other words, HOW you are raised by your parents is what you know and what you will do. If your parents were fat, chances are high you will be too.

For this reason its important for the government to at least recommend what we should eat and not eat.

The beauty of the Brits is they aren't afraid to speak their minds. We here in America aren't allowed to do that any more.

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